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Marathon Time Is Here

Well it’s Disney Marathon weekend.  I was hoping for a change from last year’s low 30s temperatures but alas Mother Nature has not cooperated.  My wife Marjorie on Friday ran the 10K at 34 degrees and we expect a balmy 44F to start Sunday with a north wind around 10mph.  At least we are not having the ice blast up north.  Attire will be a game day decision but layers and throwaways are definitely in order.

20 weeks of training now done, it time to have fun.  Best of luck to all runners.  Enjoy your weekend.



Just Be A Kid Some Times

Last weekend I had the pleasure of running the Manatee River Run with my son and grandson.  Since it was a narrow trail, the organizer suggested that we not use the jogging stroller.  This made for an interesting time.  Having a 4 year old run/walk 5 miles is definitely a  challenge.  Anyway, we covered about half the distance but what it taught me was children have a great sense of when to run and when to walk.  Liam would run until tired and then walk a while.  When he was ready to run again, off he went.  The other thing is that kids run naturally – they just run.  We as adults often get caught up to much on form and technique that we forget that running is supposed to be fun.

Sometimes we just need to be like a kid,  pace ourselves and just run.


Mastering Running As You Age

I found this great article in Runners World recently on how running changes for masters runners called Mastering Running as You Age by Richard A Lovett.  In it he describes how to adjust at each age from 35 and beyond.  He offers many good tips on how to stay healthy and running at each age level.

Check it out: