Month: January 2018

Balance – My Word For 2018

As is the practice when the year turns, we look forward with what we want to do and achieve in the coming year.  Whether it be by way of resolutions or goals, it is always healthy to have some target to hit.

In 2018 I hope to achieve Balance.  While 2017 was a successful year in many respects I felt I let my marathon training take over to the detriment of other activities.   2018 is going to be different.

Running is still going to be a big part of what I do – but I am changing my goals.  No marathon this year.  My focus is going to be on shorter races. This will take less training miles per week and will be a lot more social. The intensity and volume of marathon training paired with the strict nutrition regimen required tends to take over your life. 20170831_131057.jpgBolder Boulder in Colorado is going to be my big race this year.  I’ve heard great things about the route, crowds and fellow racers.  I am looking forward to this running vacation.

Bella, our chocolate labrador, is now 2 years old. Her bones and muscles are now developed enough to have her run longer distances. Really looking forward to taking her along on the shorter runs.

Other hobbies tend to take a back seat when you take on a run training plan. Cooking and music have suffered and are going to make a comeback in 2018. Look for more recipes this year as expand my healthy cooking repertoire.

guitarFinally, I am going to get back to playing the guitar. Music is such a therapeutic pastime and has been shown to keep your brain active in your later years and I miss it. Don’t look for me playing Madison Square Garden any time soon but if you do hear a wailing riff from the garage that may be me.



Well that’s it. Let’s see how I’ve done come December.

I’d love to hear what your focus is for 2018.

Curried Chicken with Chickpeas and Spinach – a curry dish for all

Curry  has often been referred to as Scotland’s other national dish.  This is probably due to the plethora of Indian restaurants and citizens emanating from the Indian Continent.  It takes me back to my college days in Glasgow and is one of my favorites to cook.  The variety of spices and ingredients in curry dishes never gets boring.

This dish provides a healthy and flavorful dose of lean protein with vegetable nutrients that tastes great.  For a vegan/gluten-free alternative, just eliminate the chicken.  The chickpeas and spinach stand on their own as a great main dish.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this delicious dish. Continue reading “Curried Chicken with Chickpeas and Spinach – a curry dish for all”

Another Painful Marathon – why do we do it?

This weekend was the Disney Marathon weekend which is the high point of the RunDisney calendar with 4 days of races from kids runs to the full marathon.  It is a big affair with over 50,000 participating across the weekend.  This was also the 25th anniversary of the marathon.  fireworksIn usual Disney fashion, it was an over the top affair – multiple fireworks displays at the start, a Disney hit being played from each of the 25 years being played as each wave took off.  Then of course there were the characters photo ops throughout the run – a Disney staple.  The only thing Disney couldn’t control was the weather which was another cold one by Florida standards.

This was my second marathon, last year being my first, and I was psyched going in.  I thought I had trained well, worked on my nutrition and had set a game plan for pace throughout the race.   Marathons have a great way of humbling you! Continue reading “Another Painful Marathon – why do we do it?”